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Crypto to Fiat Exchange

Use Crypto Wallets to Play in Your Local Currency

As a hybrid currency casino, Mirax accepts both fiat and cryptocurrencies. It’s very convenient to deposit and cash out in cryptos due to the anonymity of transactions and instant withdrawals. Still, some players tend to gamble with their local currencies.

For this reason, Mirax casino offers an option to run funds through the crypto wallet CoinsPaid and gamble in your familiar currency. Read our comprehensive guide explaining how Crypto to Fiat Exchange works.

Advantages of Сrypto Exchange

There are several advantages of payments, using the crypto wallet CoinsPaid to exchange altcoins into fiat currencies. Here are the main ones:

  • Global acceptance

In some countries and regions, certain payment methods (like credit cards) are not available for gambling in online casinos. In contrast, payments through the crypto wallet CoinsPaid are available everywhere.

  • It is faster and cheaper

The transaction takes several minutes, and the fee is lower than using a bank card or alternative payment method.

  • You can play games in your local currency

Some players prefer using their familiar fiat currencies. They feel it’s safer, and we give them that feeling of safety.

  • More providers & games to enjoy

Games of certain providers are compatible only with fiat currencies. It means they are not available for crypto players. With the CoinsPaid crypto exchange, you can enjoy a bigger variety of games and providers.

Crypto to Fiat Exchange: How it Works

The exchange through crypto wallets is based on cryptocurrency pairs. These are currencies that participate in the exchange process. For example, if you exchange bitcoin for Canadian dollar, this currency pair is called BTC/CAD. The entire exchange process looks this way:

Deposit in BTC ⇒ Get money on CAD balance ⇒ Play with CAD

At Mirax casino, we offer 19 fiat and cryptocurrencies for exchange through Coinspaid.

How to Deposit via CoinsPaid at Mirax Casino

Follow these simple steps to deposit in our casino through the crypto wallet CoinsPaid:

  • Step 1

Sign in to your Mirax online casino account or create one in one minute.

  • Step 2

Choose your preferred crypto and fiat currencies on the list. In the example below, we will show how to deposit in BTC and get money on the CAD balance.

  • Step 3

Copy the wallet address and insert it into the relevant field in the “Send” section of your CoinsPaid account. If you have promo codes, use them to receive fantastic bonuses from Mirax.

  • Step 4

Confirm a transaction. Money will appear on your CAD balance at Mirax casino within a few minutes.

How to Add Currency at Mirax

You may add as many available currencies as you want. Click on the “+” icon in the currency field.

Choose currencies you want to add.

How to Withdraw via CoinsPaid at Mirax Casino

Luck was on your side in our Bitcoin slots or table games? Or maybe you hit a progressive jackpot with a lucky spin? Follow these simple instructions to withdraw your winnings with the help of CoinsPaid.

  • Step 1

Log in to your account at Mirax casino and go to the “Balance” page.

  • Step 2

Click “Withdrawal” and specify the amount you want to cash out. Choose CoinsPaid as the withdrawal method. Paste the crypto wallet address into the corresponding field.

  • Step 3

Submit the payout request. In 10 minutes, the transaction is done! You can always check all payments in the “Transactions history” section.

N.B. Withdrawals through CoinsPaid are available only if you have previously selected this method for deposit.

Where to Buy Cryptocurrencies Today

There are a lot of other exchange platforms on the market. We suggest using well-known and secure services such as Coinbase, Binance, and Exodus. You can use these crypto wallets for storing and using your tokens. They are very convenient, safe, and fast.

Final Word

It’s very easy to deposit in cryptocurrencies and play with fiat money at Mirax. On top of that, you can enjoy all the cream of crypto transactions, such as fast speed, anonymity, and security of personal funds. Thousands of our players are already benefiting from risk-free CoinsPaid payments. Use our Crypto to Fiat Exchange guide and rush to life-changing wins.

Crypto to Fiat Exchange: FAQ

How to convert BTC to my CAD account at Mirax Casino?

Login to your Mirax account. Click the “Deposit” button in the upper tab. Use the BTC/CAD currency pair for exchange. Specify a sum. Copy the wallet address and paste it into CoinsPaid. The deposit will appear on your CAD fiat balance.

What currencies can I choose for exchange?

You can choose any currencies available at Mirax. Our casino deals with 19 fiat and cryptocurrencies at the moment.

Is a withdrawal from fiat to crypto balance possible?

Yes, CoinsPaid payments work from crypto to fiat balance and the other way round. At Mirax, there is an option to withdraw in fiat currency to a crypto wallet. Keep in mind that it works only if you use the same method for a deposit.

Are payments through CoinsPaid safe?

Yes! CoinsPaid is a trusted crypto wallet. One can pay for goods and services using it. Also, CoinsPaid is the perfect choice for casino gamblers.

Are cryptocurrency transactions fast and secure?

The transactions are almost instant (payouts take 10 minutes only). Crypto payments are safe because they run on a peer-to-peer blockchain network that is not centralized by banks or authorities.

What are the advantages of payments through CoinsPaid?

The main advantages are the transaction speed and low fees. Besides, you also get access to a wider choice of games and providers that don’t deal with cryptos.

I can’t complete payment through CoinsPaid. What should I do?

You can always contact our customer support. Managers are there for you 24/7 through live chat and email.

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